Pakistan, China CPEC project enters transformative new phase

Pakistan, China CPEC project enters transformative new phase

Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, emphasized the transformative impact of Chinese investments in various sectors through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

These investments encompass fundamental infrastructure and energy projects that have infused a renewed vitality into Pakistan's economy. During an interaction with China Radio International, he pointed out that CPEC is now entering a new phase, featuring significant endeavors such as the ML-1 railway line.

Additionally, he highlighted the successful completion of various infrastructure and mass transit initiatives, including the Orange Line Train, within the framework of CPEC. Minister Solangi expressed his optimism that the upcoming phase of CPEC will place a particular emphasis on Special Economic Zones.

He mentioned that projects exceeding 26 billion dollars have already been initiated, with more poised to take off in the near future. Anticipating a promising era of cooperation, Minister Solangi looked forward to the visit of Pakistani leadership to China in October of this year.

He underscored that amidst a shifting global landscape characterized by emerging alliances, the friendship between Pakistan and China continues to strengthen, ensuring a promising trajectory for their relationship. Minister Solangi affirmed his belief that the Pakistan-China friendship will only ascend further in the years to come.