In a new development, Afghanistan embassy in India closed

In a new development, Afghanistan embassy in India closed

In a recent turn of events that mirror the ongoing turbulence in Afghanistan, the embassy representing the previous Afghan government in India has taken the drastic measure of suspending all its operations. This decision comes amid a backdrop of financial woes that have plagued the embassy for a prolonged two-year period, coupled with significant diplomatic reshuffling. Notably, high-ranking diplomats, including Ambassador Farid Mamundzay, have sought asylum in European and American territories, leaving a diplomatic void in their wake.

The situation surrounding Ambassador Farid Mamundzay is particularly intriguing, as he had served as a prominent representative of the previous US-backed Afghan government. Several months ago, he relocated to London and has since remained absent from his post in India.

In a parallel narrative, a minimum of five other senior Afghan diplomats have also departed India in search of asylum in Western nations. These consequential developments have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the fate of the Afghan embassy in India, with insider sources suggesting that its closure is imminent, largely owing to financial constraints.

India, ever the prudent diplomat, has maintained a measured stance in its dealings with Afghanistan following the Taliban's resurgence to power in 2021. While India has refrained from extending official recognition to the Taliban government, it had permitted the ambassador and mission staff appointed by the deposed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's Western-backed administration to continue their duties, including visa issuance and trade management.

This cautious approach underscores India's delicate diplomatic balancing act amidst the evolving dynamics in the region.