RAW - TTP nexus: Pakistan to provide list of top militants to US

RAW - TTP nexus: Pakistan to provide list of top militants to US

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan to give a list of important leaders of militants groups operating against Pakistan from either Afghan or Indian soil to US authorities, Tribune has reported.

The US visiting delegation would be informed about a nexus of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) with the terrorist groups and provided concrete proof in this regard, the sources said.

The US leaders will be informed that the Pakistan Army’s operations have almost wiped out terrorism from the country and terrorists have no safe place in the country. Pakistan will carry on the operations under its national security policy till the elimination of the last terrorist.

The relevant authorities intend to impress upon the visitors that United States President Donald Trump’s administration should share any available evidence rather than hurling accusations at Pakistan.

Pakistan will demand a coordinated strategy for severing the bonds of RAW and the terrorist organisations along with diplomatic pressure on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government to refrain from such activities. 

Pakistan will use all available options to ensure its security.