Nawaz Sharif’s deal with establishment finally exposed

Nawaz Sharif’s deal with establishment finally exposed

In Lahore, PPP leader Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has made allegations regarding the PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif's purported "deal with the establishment," asserting that it has now been definitively exposed. This revelation, he claims, leaves no room for doubt about Nawaz Sharif's primary aim in his political maneuvers, which was to regain the office of Prime Minister.

Aitzaz Ahsan went on to accuse the former prime minister of strategically sidelining other political actors in his pursuit of power and to negotiate with the establishment. Addressing the media, he voiced his earlier warnings about Nawaz Sharif's intentions, emphasizing how they had been ignored at the time, yet had now come to fruition.

Ahsan lamented the lack of a proper system in the country and pointed out that according to the constitution, authority was vested in Allah and upheld by elected officials. He questioned the possibility of a functioning system when there were no elected representatives.

Furthermore, Aitzaz Ahsan acknowledged his disagreements with his own party, conceding that while he often disagreed with the PPP, there were times when they shared his perspective and times when they did not.

Expressing uncertainty about the timing of the upcoming elections, Ahsan raised doubts about whether they would be held as scheduled on January 28. He stated that due to the political landscape's unpredictability, it was challenging to make accurate predictions regarding the forthcoming election.

These statements by the PPP leader emerged shortly after Nawaz Sharif's return from a four-year self-imposed exile in London on October 21. Before his arrival, the PML-N leader had been granted protective bail in two corruption cases, with arrest warrants in another case temporarily suspended to facilitate his smooth return.