Cancer treatment: Breakthrough revolutionary technology discovered by scientists

Cancer treatment: Breakthrough revolutionary technology discovered by scientists

Scientists have discovered a protein that could potentially be a lethal switch for killing cancer cells, paving the way for new cancer treatments. According to details, American scientists have found a protein outside cancer cells that, when activated, can eliminate these cancer cells.

The results of this new research could provide doctors with the ability to change current therapies, such as CAR-T cell therapy, to fight solid tumors like breast, lung, and prostate cancer.

In the new therapy, cancer patients are given specially engineered T cells that seek out and eliminate tumors.

Dr. Joginder Tushir Singh of the University of California explains that these cells face challenges in targeting solid tumors because they cannot penetrate the tumors to reprogram defensive cells.

CD95 receptors are located outside the membrane of cancer cells. When they become active, they release signals that lead to the self-destruction of cells. Scientists have known about these receptors for a while, but efforts to activate them were unsuccessful.

Scientists at the University of California's Cancer Center have identified a part of the receptor that can initiate the process of cell destruction when it becomes a target. There is hope that this research may become a lifesaving breakthrough for cancer patients in the coming years.