Afghanistan has become safe heaven for terrorists due government policies: Afghan Governor

Afghanistan has become safe heaven for terrorists due government policies: Afghan Governor

KABUL - Balkh’s Provincial Governor Atta Mohammad Noor on Sunday slammed government leaders and accused them of poor management and said he is thinking about running for presidency in the next elections. 

Speaking at the 94th anniversary of the Declaration of the Republic of Turkey Noor blasted the National Unity Government (NUG) leaders and said they were negligent in maintaining security and said the sharp rise in casualties among soldiers was a shame for government.

Noor said corruption is widespread in government and insisted that the phenomena must be tackled.

 “Every ministry has hundreds of contracts and every contract involves bundles of papers. How can a person be the president and at the same time handle these papers,” said Noor. 

“I am not interested to become head of the procurement commission, I was offered a ministry but I did not accept. If I take a decision, then I will nominate myself for the presidential election,” Noor added.

Noor said the current situation is worse than that during the Taliban regime and said government leaders are incapable of handling the situation. 

According to Noor, due to poor management by NUG leaders, Afghanistan has itself become a safe haven for insurgents.

Noor said due to the absence of General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the First Vice President, Daesh and Taliban have strengthened in parts of Jawzjan province and said Dostum needs to return to fight these groups.

“In the absence of General Dostum, a tribe has been ruined. Every single day that he is not here, an Uzbek son gets killed, a Turkmen son gets killed. A number of them have joined Taliban, because there is no one to manage them,” said Noor. 

Balkh official Afzal Hadid meanwhile urged people to participate in the next elections and vote in the “real servants of the nation”. 

“I hope the next election takes place and our people vote for the nation’s servant,” said Hadid. 

Noor once again urged the United States to consult political parties on the implementation of its strategy, otherwise their plans will fail.