PM Nawaz Sharif speech at Kasur  

PM Nawaz Sharif speech at Kasur  

KASUR: (APP) Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Saturday said their political rivals were out to stall an unprecedented and historic development undertaken by his government to fully transform Pakistan into a stable and prosperous county, but the people would reject those elements in the 2018 general election as well.

Those political elements wanted to obstruct and sabotage the pace of progress and development as it had heralded a demise to their political career, he told a huge public gathering in Phool Nagar.

The Prime Minister said his political adversaries had realized that if the current wave of fast-track progress and development continued by the PML-N government, then it would end their political career by 2018. Their such demise was imminent, he added.

"They want to take revenge from the people as you have rejected them in the last elections. They know that the people will also reject them in 2108 as well," he added.

He said they did not fear anything except Allah Almighty or could be subdued by anyone. His rivals even did not endure miseries of jail while himself had undergone such ordeals in the Attock jail.

"When we were in jails, they were running the dictator's referendum campaign," he added.

Such elements had now been enjoying the fruits of democracy for which sacrifices were given by his party, political parties, lawyers, and civil society members at that time, he said.

The Prime Minister told the fully charged gathering chanting slogans in his support, that the public mandate had always been ordained by Almighty Allah and assured them that their elected government would not only complete its recent five-year term but Insha'Allah the next five years tenure also after 2018 election.

He said such political party even insulted its public mandate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.