Has Imran Khan finally quit PTI Chairmanship?

Has Imran Khan finally quit PTI Chairmanship?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has categorically denied recent media rumors suggesting that party chairman Imran Khan may not participate in the upcoming intra-party elections.

The party addressed these speculations in a statement released on Tuesday through the social media platform, X.

In the statement, PTI refuted the circulating media claims related to a specific issue and dismissed assertions attributed to a "senior party leader."

This senior figure allegedly conveyed Imran Khan's purported decision to abstain from competing for the party chairman position in the imminent intra-party elections.

Emphasizing that discussions are currently underway regarding crucial matters concerning the conduct of these elections, the statement clarified that no definitive decision has been made regarding Imran Khan's potential withdrawal from the election or the proposal of an alternative leader in his place.

The party aims to set the record straight amid the ongoing media speculation surrounding this matter.