$11 billion looted Pakistani money traced in 26 countries: PM Khan

$11 billion looted Pakistani money traced in 26 countries: PM Khan

ISLAMABAD - PM Imran Khan has said that an asset recovery unit was formed with the aim to sign MoUs with other countries for information sharing. “We have signed agreements with 26 countries. We signed a MoU with Switzerland today. “We have been unable to trace $11 billion undeclared money of Pakistani in foreign countries,” he remarked.

The premier pointed out that the PTI government made the NAB, FIA and other institutions as independent from the influence of government. “NAB is not under us. It is an independent organisation. We are not responsible for the actions of NAB,” he said.

On poverty alleviation, He said the government was also devising a system to alleviate poverty in the country. He described corruption as the very difference between prosperous and under-developed nations.

Imran Khan said his government was now establishing a shelter home in Rawalpindi, while a place for it has also been marked in Islamabad. He also said they had given Rs5 billion to Akhuwat Foundation — a non-government organisation (NGO) that provides loans to poor people on easy installments. He said the NGO will provide interest-free loans to needy people.

Talking about farmers, he said, “We are introducing a programme for farmers in order to alleviate poverty in rural areas.” He said the investors in Malaysia wanted to invest in Halal meat, adding that the government will give targetted subsidy to small farmers.

“Pakistan has no share in the world Halal meat market. We will give subsidy to farmers raising calves so that they may have their share in this market,” Khan said. “We will provide machines to small farmers on lease and money for cattle farming.”