India to supply weapons to Afghanistan Army

India to supply weapons to Afghanistan Army

MOSCOW: According to ‘Sputnik’ report, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could discuss the issue of supplying weapons to Afghanistan with leaders of Afghanistan and Russia during the sixth ‘Heart of Asia' conference to be held this week-end in the border town of Amritsar.

Afghanistan had presented a wish list of spare parts for refurbishing over four dozen helicopters and some An-32 medium lift aircraft.

Afghanistan has also requested brand new T-72 tanks, 105 mm howitzers and AN —32 transport planes. Under a 2014 agreement, India will pay Russia to supply arms and ammunition to Afghanistan.

India has plans to source Russian-made light artillery and mortars, air support helicopters and armored vehicles.

But, India has not implemented the agreement for fear it may get passed on to militant groups trying to bring down the Kabul Government.