Police to investigate country’s PM breakfast bills

Police to investigate country’s PM breakfast bills

Finnish police announced on Friday that they would investigate whether the country’s prime minister’s breakfast was illegally bought with taxpayers’ money.

A Finnish newspaper reported on Tuesday that Prime Minister Sanna Marine was demanding 300 euros ($365) a month from the government for her family’s breakfast while she was staying at her official residence in Caesarea.

According to the reports, the 35-year-old prime minister says that these privileges have been given to the rulers before him.

According to legal experts, paying the Prime Minister’s breakfast tax to citizens is a violation of Finnish law.

In a statement, the police said that the Prime Minister had been paid for some breakfast, while the Ministerial Compensation Act did not allow such payments. The statement also said that the investigation would examine the decision of the officers present in the Prime Minister’s Office and had nothing to do with the Prime Minister and his official activities.

On Friday, Sanna Marine said on Twitter that she welcomes the investigation and will stop demanding the benefits as long as the investigation continues.