Why Pakistan has abandoned F-16 Deal with US

Why Pakistan has abandoned F-16 Deal with US

ISLAMABAD: Why Pakistan has abandoned F-16 Deal with US

Pakistan and US had struck a deal for 8 F-16 Fighter jets which was to be materialised by May 24, 2016.

However US Congress did not approve the required funding of $430 millions which was to be provided as a subsidy to be paid by US as a partner of Pakistan in War against terrorism.

An amount of $270 million was supposed to be paid by government of Pakistan as the total amount of the 8 F-16 was calculated at $700 millions.

After US refusal to pay the subsidy of $430 millions Pakistan government has decided to abandon the F-16 Deal with United States.

Pakistan is mulling the options of acquiring some other fighter jets for its Air Force and the likely option includes Chinese J-10 or in future Chinese latest J-31 may also be considered.

It is not the first time that United States has betrayed Pakistan in this regard. After the Afghan War when Pakistan acted as front line state against the Soviet Union, United States did not deliver Pakistan 28 F-16 fighter jets for which even Pakistan had paid the price.

Pressler Amendment and the subsequent sanctions against Pakistan banned F-16 sale and it had to buy wheat and Soya been oil in lieu of the huge amount of money $658 millions that it had paid to US for the purchase of F-16 fighter jets.

While at the same time reportedly India has been offered by US F-16 sale along with the production factory.

Is it the replica of the betrayal again ?