US agents Visa issuance record missing

US agents Visa issuance record missing

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has ruled out investigations into the controversy of issuance of visas to Americans without proper documentation and security clearance by the previous Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government in the absence of any record or data.

“There is no record available about the issuance of visas. Who got visas? Who arrived (in the country)?” he said at a news conference here on Tuesday.

Terming holding of investigations into the matter “impossible”, the minister said: “Neither the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) nor the interior ministry has any record. The record was not even sent to the then interior minister.”

It may be recalled that after the emergence of the controversy about the issuance of visas by former Pakistan ambassador in Washington Hussain Haqqani through a newspaper column, the opposition PPP has demanded thorough investigations into the whole issue, claiming that all the visas to the Americans were issued in accordance with the rules and regulations during its rule.