Smart Energy System being introduced to meet power needs

Smart Energy System being introduced to meet power needs

ISLAMABAD (APP): The first environmentally-friendly smart solar and storage energy system would be introduced soon to help meet rising power needs in the country.

The Smart Energy System has multiple features which allows it would be the most advanced solar and storage energy system in global market.

A US-based company, SkyElectric, has now spread its wings in Pakistan to provide smart energy solutions and plans to begin deploying systems from next month.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company, Ashar Aziz on Wednesday said the System integrates technology with a solar grid system that results in a clean, high quality and cheaper source of energy. In other words, it is a substitute for UPS and generators.

The Smart Energy System is an all in one solution and comprises parts including Smart Energy Inverter, Smart Energy Storage, Solar Panels and Network Operations Center.

It also comes with storage management system software and a mobile application.

The Smart Energy Console has a touch screen interface, which gives insight into system operations. It has built-in 3G chip and WiFi connectivity, which allows software to relay information to the SkyElectric Cloud.

The technical support personnel in a Network Operations Center have access to the cloud and can remotely monitor and diagnose faults in the system.

Additionally there is an accompanying App which provides the same level of visibility as the Smart Energy Console.