Pakistan Hockey Team defeated by Australia

Pakistan Hockey Team defeated by Australia

DARWIN, Australia: Host Australia overpowered visiting Pakistan team 3-0 to go 2-0 up in the four-test series here at the Marrara Hockey Stadium.

The 14th ranked green shirts who conceded a 1-6 defeat in the series opener put an improved performance in the second match against the top international side.

It was a fast-paced game and both sides had several chances off open play as well as penalty corners.

However, the hosts had the better of the exchanges most of the time.

All the three Aussie goals came through field attempts.

In the first test, Pakistan had seemingly lost the script completely in the final phase and conceded four goals in the last 16 minutes. But on Wednesday the players in green fought well till the end.

Kookaburras who had gone ahead by three goals in the 33rd minute could not add to their tally in the remaining time. Tom Wickham, Trent Mitton and Aaron Kleinshmidt scored one goal each.