KP Economic Cooperation Road Show in China

KP Economic Cooperation Road Show in China

BEIJING: (APP) A three-day "KP Economic Cooperation Road Show" to offer investment opportunities and economic collaboration to the Chinese state-owned as well as private enterprises in more than 100 projects in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province would commence here from April 16.

A delegation of KP Government, headed by its Chief Minister, Parvez Khattak will host the road show.

Various ministers, secretaries of the Government of KP, and senior officials including the chairmen of government-owned entities in addition to some private entrepreneurs would be part of the delegation, official sources said here on Wednesday.

The road show will present over a hundred interesting projects and countless investment opportunities in the infrastructure, power, industry, information technology, technology, transport, education, urban development, agriculture and tourism sectors for the economic collaboration between Pakistan and China.

The KP is open for business, and various investment models are possible for state-owned as well as private enterprise; indifferent sectors where the province of KP has a comparative advantage.

The KP government and its entities had entered into cooperation on a number of projects with many state owned companies of China, after the previous visit of the KP Economic delegation to China in December last.

"We believe that the KP provides huge opportunity for Chinese investment. The Government of KP is persuing an investment friendly and transparent policy being well cognizant of the potential of CPEC," a senior government official commented here.

The road show will provide an opportunity to the Chinese state-owned and private enterprises to interact with the officials of KP Government and private entrepreneurs for projects and initiatives of mutual benefits.