Gwadar Port: More than 300 Chinese Ships have docked at the strategic port

Gwadar Port: More than 300 Chinese Ships have docked at the strategic port

ISLAMABAD (APP): Federal government is beefing up efforts to start production activities in at least four factories in Gawadar by December-2017.

Over 300 Chinese ships had docked at port since 2008 but a lot was needed to be done if Gwadar wanted to emerge as multi- dimensional and multi-purpose port of region.

Four factories would start production by December 2017.Among these four conglomerate, one is Pakistani auto-mobile company which has already established strong footholds in Chinese market.

Talking to a private news channel, Chairman Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Dostain Jamaldin said, "Chinese government has decided to fund mega-project. So far, Beijing has invested Rs16 billion on construction activities at Gwadar Port.

Chinese engineers have completed 90 percent of rehabilitation work.

Likewise, agreement has been inked with two shipping lines named Sinotrans and Cosco".

Jamaldin further said, "We receive one or two ships in fifteen days but frequency would eventually pile up to three ships per week in upcoming months".

Jamaldin stressed on continuity of policies in their true letter and spirit for making port city the new economic capital of Pakistan. Jamaldin said Gwadar would be second major city that would be built by Pakistan in 70 years.

China has already invested US & 50 million in free-trade zone at Gwadar. At least 300 Chinese engineers and subordinate staff have arrived in last six months, he informed.