CPEC: Egyptian businessmen interested to reap benefits

CPEC: Egyptian businessmen interested to reap benefits

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Ambassador of Pakistan in Cairo, pointing out that the trade relations with Egypt were not reflective of the historical relations between the two countries, said the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Pakistan in the first ten months of 2016 was around 182 million dollars.

According to Al Watan newspaper of Egypt, he was talking to the Pak-Egyptian business Council which included meetings between Egyptian and Pakistani businessmen at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

The Ambassador said that the Pakistani exports to Egypt hit 83 million dollars during the period January-October 2016 mainly of yarn, textiles, paper, frozen shrimps, Polyethlene and medical supplies, while the Egyptian exports to Pakistan were around 99 million dollars in the same period and mainly included clover seeds, LCD TVs, cotton, Rubber tires, Calcium phosphate and chemicals.

The Pakistani Envoy invited Egyptian businessmen to visit his country and explore the available investment opportunities; highlighting that the Government o Pakistan extends all facilities to investors and is keen on removing any obstacles hindering investments.