105 million trees planned under Green Pakistan Programme

105 million trees planned under Green Pakistan Programme

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The federal government under its Green Pakistan Programme (GPP) has planned to plant 105 million trees across the country in five years at a cost of Rs 10 billion.

According to official sources, the programme would be launched formally along with upcoming monsoon tree plantation campaign 2016 in July.

The Green Pakistan Programme has been rolled out on the directives of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for revival of forestry and wildlife resources in the country.

The programme will be undertaken from year 2016 to 2021.

All federal and provincial stakeholders, civil society organizations, corporate bodies and international development partners would be made part of efforts to implement the programme.

Overall Pakistan forest resources are limited, covering only less than five percent of total land area, which is far below the international standard of 25% forest cover for a country.

However, forests of Pakistan are very rich in terms of biodiversity and present a unique blend of tree, shrub, grass and animal species, living across various ecological (climatic) zones from sea level in the south, to high altitude alpine pastures of the north.

The federal government will approach international donors through Economic Affairs Division to seek assistance for the Green Pakistan Programme (GPP).