KPK takes lead in releases of development funds to local governments

KPK takes lead in releases of development funds to local governments

ABBOTTABAD: (APP) Khyber Phaktoonkhawa government on Thursday released an amount of Rs 7.204 billion for 25 district, 77 tehsils and 25 village/neighborhood councils of the districts for development schemes.

Details of funds which were released to districts, tehsils and neighborhood councils of Hazara region.

Finance Department issued a sum of Rs 97.5 million for district councils Abbottabad, Rs 2.5 million for Village Councils Abbottabad and Rs 22.5 million for Tehsil Councils Abbottabad.

District Battagram received Rs 54.6 million, village councils Battagram received Rs 6.84 million,Tehsil Councils Battagram Rs 32.949 million while Tehsils Councils Allai received Rs 20.53 million.

District Haripur got a sum of Rs 61.25 million while Neighborhood Councils of Haripur got Rs 91.256 million for development schemes.

Finance department also issued Rs 26.5 million for Tehsil Councils Dasu, Tehsil Councils Kundian received Rs 9.11 million Tehsil Councils Palas Rs 31.96 million and Tehsil Councils Pattan Rs 23.53 million.

District Mansehra got Rs 65.28 million share, Tehsil Councils Balakot Rs 14.41 million and Tehsil Councils Oghi Rs 23.72 million.

District Torghar received Rs 50.26 million, neighborhood councils of Torghar received Rs 29.04 million, Tehsil Councils Hassan Zai got Rs 25.8 million and Tehsil Councils Jadba received Rs 24.46 million for development schemes.