AMAN 2023: Pakistan Navy set to host multinational Naval exercise in Arabian Sea

AMAN 2023: Pakistan Navy set to host multinational Naval exercise in Arabian Sea

KARACHI – Pakistan Navy is all set to host a multinational naval exercise dubbed *AMAN 2023* next month in February under the slogan “Together for Peace”.

The naval drills aimed at maintaining peace and security in the Indian Ocean. PN holds this event biennially to signify its commitment to make territorial seas safer while hosting foreign navies.

Earlier this month, Pakistan Naval Chief Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi revealed that the upcoming edition of the AMAN exercises would be held in two phases in the port city of Karachi.

CNS Niazi said AMAN 2023 aimed to develop synergy between naval forces to tackle maritime security challenges by enhancing interoperability between regional and extra-regional navies at different levels of technological prowess.

The drills will help sea forces to explore new avenues of naval cooperation, maritime security, mutual interest, and bilateral ties.

In accordance with the format, participants will witness a variety of drills in the eighth edition including search and rescue operations, gunnery drills, anti-piracy demonstrations, replenishment at sea, and maritime counter-terrorism demonstrations.

Pakistan has held Aman naval exercises every alternate year since 2007. The exercises aim to demonstrate the allied nations' capabilities to fight terrorism and other maritime threats, as well as to provide a platform for participants to hone their skills, and build cooperation and friendship to promote peace and stability.