Govt believes in rule of law, Senate informed

Govt believes in rule of law, Senate informed

Minister for Federal Education Shafqat Mehmood informed the Senate today that the government believes in rule of law and it cannot endorse any act repugnant to law and the Constitution.

He was responding to a motion moved by Javed Abbasi regarding procedure for putting names in the black list and legal value of the said list.

The Minister said democracy cannot progress without upholding rule of law. He also emphasized on investigating as to when maintaining of black list had started in Pakistan. He said a wrong impression is given that PTI government has started this list.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that the House should also look into the matter that how security agencies can prevent a person involved or suspected in terrorism and white collar crimes from fleeing the country.

He said he does not defend any list other than Exit Control List, but the no-fly list involves a complex procedure as approval of the federal cabinet is required to place a person on that list.

He said security agencies are fighting a fifth generation war and there should be mechanism enabling law enforcement agencies to stop a suspect involves in terrorist activities and white collar crimes from leaving Pakistan without ECL. Speaking on his motion Javed Abbasi said no person should be barred from travelling if he or she has valid visa and travel documents.

Sherry Rehman said maintaining black list is a violation of fundamental human rights and a question mark on the constitutional rights of a citizen. Raza Rabbani termed the list as violation of Article 15 of the Constitution. Mushahid Hussain Syed said it is matter of the people and state of Pakistan and the Constitution. Sarfraz Bugti said that a committee of the House should be formed to further deliberate this matter. Later, the House adopted the motion unanimously.

The House resumed discussion on the Finance Supplementary (Second Amendment) Bill, 2019.

Taking part in the discussion, Shehzad Waseem said that trade and business community has welcomed the finance package announced by the government.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has accepted the challenge of huge current account and trade deficit and successfully managed the issue of balance of payments.

He said now Pakistan has become an emerging investment destination as several countries are eager to invest in different sectors.

Aurangzeb Khan said all the promised funds to erstwhile FATA should be allocated. He said Pakistan does not need any loan if it uses its natural resources properly.

He said PTI government should be given time to complete its constitutional tenure, so that people can gauge its performance.

Dilawar Khan emphasized on broadening tax net to increase revenue collection.

Gul Bashra said no relief has been given to the common people in the mini budget. She said tall claims were made on tax reforms, but nothing has been done in this regard. She also called for increase in salaries of the government employees.

Muhammad Akram said the dream of progress and development cannot be realized without enhancing trade with regional countries.

Muhammad Ayub said the finance bill can be said as a relief package, which will help revive Pakistan’s industry.

Those, who spoke on the occasion, include Nuzhat Sadiq and Rukhsana Zuberi.