Pakistan and Chinese companies joint venture for production of electric cars in Pakistan


In one of his social media posts over the weekend, the owner of, Hanif Memon, revealed that Sapphire Power Generation Limited (SPGL) is setting up an Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant in Pakistan in partnership with a Chinese Automaker BYD.

BYD manufactures medium and full-sized buses, electric bicycles, forklifts, rechargeable batteries, and trucks. Currently, the entire range of BYD automobiles including both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles has all-electric variants, making it one of the very few EV mass producers in the world. ------------------------------


Currently, the Chinese automaker has a significant presence in major international markets such as Northern Europe (Scandinavia), South America, Australia, Russia, among a few others, especially with their all-electric commercial vehicle lineup, which includes electric buses and trucks. The passenger vehicle lineup is popular in China, Russia, Australia, and Latin America.

BYD’s current passenger vehicle lineup consists of 18 different vehicles, including six SUVs, seven sedans, three MPVs, and two subcompact hatchbacks. All have at least one all-electric variant. This is an attribute that the company is reportedly using these days to enter into new markets and maintain a stronghold in the markets it is already present in. ------------------------------


One of the markets that the automaker seems to be thinking about entering is the Pakistani market, although it is yet to be revealed when that would be. However, with the new EV policy in place, we should expect a major influx of EV makers in Pakistan in the coming days.