Good news for Pakistani textile industry on exports front

Good news for Pakistani textile industry on exports front

The textile industry in Pakistan is witnessing outstanding growth in capacity production despite Covid-19, which is evident from the massive export orders it has already received for the next half-year.

“Exports orders for the next 6 months are booked and despite COVID our exports have increased significantly compared to our regional competitors whose exports have shrunk”, said Adil Bashir, Chairman All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Associations (APTMA).

Pakistan’s textile exports in the month of November increased by 9 percent, as compared to the same period last year. This is because of the sustained supply of gas, that will likely continue, and help maintain the momentum of enhanced exports which is currently working at full capacity.

“The textile sector is currently in the mode of rapid expansion to cater to increased orders and demand. It is absolutely essential to sustain this momentum which is being facilitated by the textile policy, in the form of Regionally Competitive Energy Tariffs and the sustained provision of gas/RLNG to the export sector”, the APTMA chief added.

There have been isolated cases of low pressure and supply problems in mixed feeders and APTMA has taken up these issues with the Petroleum Division who assured us of all possible assistance to remove any bottlenecks, he explained.