PM Imran Khan personal initiative turns out to be a big success for public welfare

PM Imran Khan personal initiative turns out to be a big success for public welfare

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Citizen Portal, launched by the government for speedy solution to public complaints have received 229,667 complaints on varying issues out of those 91,512 have so far been resolved within two months.

Launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan on October 28 at the PM Office, the portal was meant to establish a direct link between the government and the masses and address their problems related to federal and provincial departments.

According to the data released by the PM Office, the complaint cell had received encouraging response from the people from inland and abroad including the foreigners.

Among total 229,667 complainants, 90 percent comprised the inland citizens, 9.66 percent overseas Pakistanis while 0.45 were foreigners.

The government has also received 47,579 suggestions from the registered people to improve the governance and functioning of certain departments.

Out of total 602,477 registered people at the portal, 551,444 were from within Pakistan, 49,201 were overseas Pakistanis while 1,832 were foreigners. The inland registered people filed around 206, 456 complaints while overseas Pakistanis registered 22, 188 and 1,023 by the foreigners.

At the portal, 105,794 complaints were received from Punjab, 26,790 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 31,698 from Sindh, 2,524 from Balochistan, 61,644 from federal capital, 184 from Gilgit Baltistan and 1172 from Azad Kashmir.

Around 50,904 complaints were related to the municipal services, 30,697 about energy and power, education (27,396), heath (14,995), citizen rights (13,933), land and revenue (13,362), law and order (13,219) and overseas Pakistanis (10,870).

The citizens also filed 10,489 complaints about the development projects, 9,829 were about transport, 6,603 were about communication, media, cyber crime (5,831), environment and forest (3,584), licenses and certificates (3,019), tax and money (2,870), investment (2,644), NADRA (2,641), immigration and passports (1,980), disaster (521) and registrations (370).

Out of total complaints received, around 91,441 were resolved by the government including 40,411 coming from Punjab, 12,771 from KP, 2,063 from Sindh, 316 from Balochistan and 35, 950 from the federal capital. The resolution of the rest of the complaints was in process, the statement said.

Around 24,076 (56.36 percent) people have expressed their satisfaction over the performance of the portal. They believed that it was a vital source of linkage between the government and the people for improvement of governance and public welfare.

The prime minister had also directed the government to make it beneficial for the people as much as possible besides releasing the weekly data of the portal.