PTI MNA Dr Amir Liaqat announces rebellion

PTI MNA Dr Amir Liaqat announces rebellion

*KARACHI - PTI MNA Dr Aamir Liaquat has hit out against his own party.*

*He has claimed that Karachi was not important to his party.*

“I wanted to become the part of MQM-PTI negotiation,” Liaquat said that he repeatedly ask Imran Khan to visit Karachi but he didn’t listen to me.”

Liaquat said that he told Imran Khan that he needs to focus on Karachi’s party structure. “We have to strengthen the PTI’s structure on the UC level ahead of local bodies elections.”

“Imran Ismail summoned a meeting of MNAs in the governor house and I was not invited,” he added. “The governor said he didn’t have my phone number.”

Liaquat claimed that he was not being accepted within the party and he is considered an outsider.

“I will not accept any ministry even if I am offered one,” he added.

However, he said that he will not leave the party and continue to work for the PTI in Karachi.

“I will share my personal decision before September 4 whether I will sit on government benches or opposition benches,” the PTI leader said.