Dr Amir Liaqat quits PTI Karachi group

Dr Amir Liaqat quits PTI Karachi group

*KARACHI - PTI Member National Assembly Dr Amir Liaqat has expressed resentment against party leadership.*

Amir Liaqat has left the ‘WhatsApp group’ of the party created for holding key discussions of party MNAs and MPAs.

In a voice message, Mr. Hussain said he got the party ticket after lodging his protest, but added that it was ‘resentful’ to have been avoided by the party from a luncheon of key party leaders at the Governor House on Tuesday. He said it was his protest that prompted governor to speak to him on telephone.

Yesterday, the PTI MNA in a TV talk show had claimed that a gathering was held at Governor House with party MNAs in presence but, according to him, he was not invited to it. He further complained that Prime Minister Imran Khan did not nominate anyone from Karachi and completely ignored the province for the post of Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

PTI Karachi President Firdous Shamim Naqvi categorically denies that any luncheon was organised by the party in Karachi.

Naqvi said there had been no such meet-up, adding, “I don’t know why Mr. Liaquat is making such statements. He will have to answer them himself.’

The PTI Karachi head said he couldn’t answer queries raised on social media