PIA Engineers milestone performance save millions of Foreign Exchange   

PIA Engineers milestone performance save millions of Foreign Exchange   

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Pakistan International Airlines Engineers have achieved a mile stone success in their professional capabilities.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Sunday successfully accomplished the first ever Check-C of Airbus A320 at airline's engineering base at Karachi.

According to the Spokesman of the airlines, during this maintenance exercise, carpet and seat covers of aircraft AP-BLC have been changed along with deep cleaning of the entire cabin and washrooms.

By accomplishing this maintenance check, carried out by PIA's Engineering and Maintenance department, PIA has saved substantial amount of foreign exchange by utilizing the capacity of its own facility and the expertise of the engineers and technicians.

Meanwhile, PIA's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bernd Hildenbrand appreciated the commendable work, which was done utilizing indigenous resources.

This also is the basis to offer these engineering service to other airlines, not only within Pakistan but also from other countries, he said while quoting the CEO as saying.

PIA Engineering & Maintenance department has the capacity and capability to do all heavy maintenance checks which are regularly performed not only on airline's own fleet of aircraft but the facility is also provided to some international customers.