Pakistan Airspace closure bleeds Air India worth billions

Pakistan Airspace closure bleeds Air India worth billions

ISLAMABAD - India has suffered losses of more than 3 billion Indian Rupees (almost 43 million USD) since the Pakistani air space closure. Pakistan has kept its airspace closed since the Indian jets intruded Pakistani airspace and violated the Line of Control.

The airspace was re-opened after the situation de-escalated but the Western-Eastern routes along the Indian border were never opened. Furthermore, Pakistani authorities have not accepted any aircraft registered in India.

Both sides have incurred losses as a result of the airspace closure but Air India has been hit the hardest. Being India’s national carrier and Jet Airways going bankrupt, Air India cannot cancel its flights to various destinations and is currently running in loss.

Air India is losing INR 6 Crore (approximately 0.85 million USD) on a daily basis. The aircraft have to take a longer route and pass through the Arabian Sea in the South to avoid Pakistani air space thus causing Long flight durations, extra fuel consumption and cabin crew expenses.

Flights from Delhi to the Unites States and Canada are taking an extra 2-3 hours. Similarly, European destinations are facing increased flight durations and extra stopovers. Longer flight timings are causing an increase in overtime of pilots and crew members.