Saudi Arabia to hold World Ulema Conference over Afghan war

Saudi Arabia to hold World Ulema Conference over Afghan war

RIYADH - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is due to host a meeting of the religious scholars or Ulemas to discuss the Taliban-led insurgency against the Afghan government, it has been reported.

The decision to hold a meeting of the World Ulemas was reportedly taken during the visit of the Afghan High Peace Council Secretariat Chief Mohammad Akram Khpolwak to Saudi Arabia this week.

The Ulemas from different part of the world will participate in the summit and are expected to announce their stance regarding the Taliban-insurgency and the justification the group gives to the ongoing war.

According to the officials, the Ulemas will also hold talks regarding the presence of the foreign troops in Afghanistan.

The meeting will be organized months after the Afghan government shared its offers with the Taliban to encourage the group for peace talks.

However, the Taliban group has so far rejected to participate in any form of dialogue for peace process.

“The meeting in Jeddah will have high impact since in the past Pakistani ulema have repeatedly termed the war here as jihad and a righteous act,” Afghan High Peace Council spokesman Ehsanullah Tahiri told Arab News.

Tahiri further added that the upcoming moot will decide that the Afghan war has no legality.