Cutting off bilateral ties will serve no purpose, Pakistan tells US

Cutting off bilateral ties will serve no purpose, Pakistan tells US

CHICAGO: Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States, Aizaz Chaudhry has said that the Pakistan and US cooperation are very important for the restoring peace in Afghanistan.

Ambassador said this while addressing to a lecture session titled “Diplomatic Encounters Series” at the International House at the University of Chicago. The focused of the session was the diplomatic linkages between Islamabad and Washington. He said that Pakistan-US partnership and relations are very important and must for the development of Afghanistan and restoring peace in the region.

He added that both the countries needs to trust each other and work together for the peaceful Afghanistan and restoration of sustainable peace in the region as it is in the interest of both the countries.

Earlier, the US President Trump blamed Pakistan for providing safe heaven to the terrorist on its land and creating problems in Afghanistan. The relations between allies have since been on a bumpy ride, with top government and military officials from both states exchanging comments and visits to smooth out the differences.

Ambassador added that there were some misunderstandings between the two countries and that putting on hold or cutting off bilateral relations would not solve anything.