PM Nawaz Sharif speech at Okara Jalsa

PM Nawaz Sharif speech at Okara Jalsa
OKARA: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has lashed out at his opponents during his address to a gathering in the Okara today.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ruled out tendering his resignation as per the demands of opposition parties on Saturday, as he took shots at PTI chief Imran Khan and his political party. 

Addressing a large number of supporters gathered in Okara, the PML-N chief said that he would not tender resignation on the demands of opposition parties.

"They call for my resignation during their protests. Will Nawaz Sharif resign just because you have asked him to do so?" he said.

Nawaz indirectly taunted the PTI rally held in Islamabad the day before, stating that there was a vast difference between PML-N's political shows and opposition parties' 'jalsis'.

He promised to make Okara an industrial state and said that loadshedding would never cause the masses any trouble.

"Our opponents gave this country the curse of loadshedding. It is your responsibility to ask them regarding this issue," he said. "We will generate electricity for you which will never leave your homes," he added.

He further said that if the government continued to work for the welfare of the masses like it was currently doing, then Okara will also vote for PML-N just like it voted for the party in 2013.

In his earlier speech at Shakargarh, the premier had also claimed that the government was building roads while his opponents were only measuring them.