Chinese Army regrouped into 13 Corps: MOD

Chinese Army regrouped into 13 Corps: MOD

People's Liberation Army (PLA) ground forces have been regrouped into 13 army corps from the previous 18, following a decision by the Central Military Commission (CMC), the Ministry of National Defense (MOD) confirmed on April 27.

"Their designations will be PLA Army No. 71, 72, 73 [up to] 82, and 83 Army Corps," said Senior Colonel Yang Yujun, MOD spokesperson at a routine press conference.

The regrouping of army corps was an "integral remodeling of the army mobile combat troops," and a key step forward in building a powerful and modern army, he said. 

"It represents a significant upgrade of the PLA from a military force based on sheer size to one based on high quality and efficiency."

In the overall regrouping of all forms, a total of 84 corps-level units have been formed, including the afore mentioned 13 army corps.