District Magistrate Islamabad letter to Imran Khan  

ISLAMABAD: (APP) District Magistrate Islamabad in a letter to Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Friday conveyed that lockdown of Islamabad was not permissible as it would deprive the citizens of their fundamental rights.

Magistrate Capt (R) Mushtaq Ahmad told Imran Khan that it had been brought to his notice that the political party under his command was planning to lockdown and block entry, exits and the movements inside the Islamabad Capital Territory.

He said a number of residents of Islamabad approached the honorable Islamabad High Court by way of Constitutional Petitions for protection of their fundamental rights.

They feel threatened of unlawful assemblies and anticipated lockdown most likely to result in disturbance of normal life of residents of Federal Capital, he stated, adding their concerns were more particularly reflected in their pleadings and the consequential orders passed by the High Court.

The magistrate attached copy of the orders passed by the Islamabad High Court with the letter to Imran Khan.

The magistrate said the government was cognizant and alert to ensure their fundamental rights including the right of security of citizens and their assets, freedom of movement, freedom of trade, business or profession, the right to education and health, the right to enjoy quality life enjoying basic amenities of life including civic services.

The letter further stated, "the lock down is not permissible in as much as it shall, in all probability, deprive the citizens of their fundamental rights.

The planned activity was also a serious threat to public peace and tranquility. Therefore, necessary restrictions had been imposed in accordance with law in terms of Section 144 CrPC. The state respects the fundamental rights of association, speech and expression subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by law.

To facilitate the lawful political gathering and protests, if any, a designated place duly notified by the Capital Development Authority as Democracy and Speech Corner vide its notification dated November 6, 2015 was available as sanctified by the orders of the honorable High Court.

Needless to reiterate that ensuring and safeguarding public life and property was obligatory not only on the administration but also on all political parties and law abiding citizens.

Hence, any violation of law or threat to the peace and tranquility in Islamabad will not be allowed."