In positive economic development, Pakistan Stock Exchange sets a new record

In positive economic development, Pakistan Stock Exchange sets a new record

Karachi: A new record of buying and selling of shares on Friday has been set in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) where the 100-Index increased by 269 points, reaching 47,064 points.

According to the details, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) witnessed a bullish trend on the fifth day of the business week and for the first time in the history of the country.The trading volume crossed 2.2 billion shares.Earlier on Thursday, the KSE 100-index witnessed a strong trend, gaining 182.13 with a positive change of 0.40 per cent, closing at 46,097.11 points against 45,914.98 points.

A total of 766,643,209 shares were traded during the day compared to the trade of 710,428,272 shares the previous day whereas the price of shares stood at Rs19.932 billion against Rs19.656 billion the previous day.As many as 408 companies’ transacted shares in the stock market, 242 of them recorded gain and 149 sustained losses whereas the share price of 17 companies remained unchanged.

On Wednesday, the stock exchange registered more than 1.5 billion shares traded during the day. This is significantly higher than the previous record which was also recorded in 2021, on February 11 with 1.125 billion shares traded on that day.According to GNN, 49% of shares were traded in the smallholdings market while 84% of shares were traded on the whole.

The total worth of the shares was Rs. 28.33 billion.Earlier, on February 11, 2021, the highest turnover was 1.125 billion shares.In this regard, a well-known economist said that this is the time since 2004, not only the stock market but also the economic level is improving, now only one-third of the debt will be borrowed compared to 2018.