Pakistan’s first ever multi billions National Science and Technology Park approved

Pakistan’s first ever multi billions National Science and Technology Park approved

ISLAMABAD - National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has secured the approval of Public Private Partnership Authority’s (PPPA) Board to initiate the process for its flagship “National Science & Technology Park (NSTP)” project.

The approval was granted at the first PPPA Board of Directors meeting chaired by the authority’s Chairman, Khusro Bakhtyar, Minister for Planning, Development & Reforms, said a press release issued here on Tuesday.

NSTP was the first Science & Technology Park (STP) in the country, being powered by strengths and competitive edge built by the university over the last three decades.

The leading Engineering & Technology university of Pakistan was the most suitable host for NSTP, with its well-established ecosystem to support innovation, technology transfer and commercialisation.

The initiative is aimed at building the knowledge economy of Pakistan by stimulating and nurturing innovation-led germination and growth of hi-tech entities.

A multi billion rupees project aimed to be implemented in phases, NSTP would emerge as an innovation powerhouse for businesses by leveraging the university’s core strengths and unique position in the global technology arena.

The eight-key thematic areas of NSTP include Agri Tech, Auto Tech, Ed Tech, Energy Tech, Def Tech, Fin Tech, Health Tech and Smart Tech, which will increase in number, scope and breadth in coming years.

NSTP has already revealed its brand identity by unveiling the logo, which can now be witnessed at the NUST and NSTP Websites and social media pages. The logo has been creatively crafted to encompass everything NSTP stands for; Pakistan’s first innovation and technological hub bridging the gap between academia and industry, a catalyst of innovation, a hub of emergence and the new national tech-pad where entrepreneurs and companies come together to discover, idea, create, collaborate and break new ground.

Pakistan’s premier nexus for innovative technology-driven enterprises and a true innovation ecosystem - the NSTP - is all set to launch shortly, and is inviting tenants for its pilot project, from the above mentioned eight sectors, from Pakistan and abroad. High-tech start-ups, SMEs, industrial and business innovation hubs, and innovation centres of multinationals and corporations are being invited.

An overwhelming response to the call for tenants has been received from the tech community of Pakistan and beyond.