US drone attack sabotaged Afghanistan peace process

SIALKOT: Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Asif said that US drone attack in Baluchistan has not only sabotaged peace process in Afghanistan but also has compelled Pakistan to think that whether America wants peace in Afghanistan or not.

While talking to media after participating in the oath taking ceremony of newly elected members of Sialkot Press Club here at today, Khawaja Asif said that USA has increased its interference in entire world after the incident of 9/11 while Afghanistan is still unsecured after 9/11 incident.

He further added that America has not only violated Pakistan territory in drone attack but also sabotaged Afghan peace process.

He questioned that why USA did not target Mullah Mansoor Akhtar in Afghanistan and other countries?

Talking about F-16 aircrafts, Congress is opposing Pakistan stance in this matter but Pakistan would deal with other country if USA refused to provide F-16 jets.

India is being equipped with arms by some countries including USA despite of its nefarious designs, Khawaja Asif pointed out stating that many forces are working to sabotage Gwadar projects but Pakistan Army has made Pakistan more secure in previous 2 years sacrificing their precious lives so Gwadar projects would be succeeded at any cost.