After Veena, now Noor applies for Divorce

After Veena, now Noor applies for Divorce

KARACHI: Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari may have filed for divorce from her husband but the latter is unwilling to divorce his wife.

According to a local report, Noor’s husband and Raga Boys singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan praised his wife, stating that he believed the marriage would still continue. He further stated that ‘divorce is no solution to that (marital conflict)’.

“Noor is a great lady and my wife – I will not divorce her. I think some clashes occur in every marriage but divorce is no solution to that. I am positive our marriage will continue,” he said.

The report also claimed that Wali was not aware of his wife’s decision to apply for divorce until Monday night, when it came to his knowledge.

“I’ve been busy with work and last night, it came to my knowledge that she has applied for a divorce? I will not oblige,” he had said.

The actress had earlier announced the news on Twitter that she had decided to divorce her husband and stated that she ‘tried a lot but things haven’t worked so I decided to live alone for now’.