NSA Nasser Janjua reveals reasons behind his surprise resignation

NSA Nasser Janjua reveals reasons behind his surprise resignation

*ISLAMABAD - Former national security adviser Lt Gen (retired) Nasser Janjua said that the US wants to become the world’s sole superpower.*

He said that there are three factors behind the narrative of world power — stopping the rise of China and Russia and putting restrictions on the Muslim world.

“India should develop a relationship with Pakistan based on mutual respect,” Mr Janjua said, addressing a seminar in Islamabad.

He said that Pakistan could provide India access to China and Central Asia.

The former security adviser said that the European Union and Shanghai Cooperation are the new forums for discussing peace and economy.

Mr Janjua said that Pakistan had stopped Russia from accessing the “warm waters”.

The retired general, who had resigned on June 27 as Pakistan’s national security adviser, also revealed the reason behind his decision to leave the job. He said that no individual who was appointed by the previous government is serving in the caretaker setup.

Mr Janjua added that he did not want anyone to think of him as party to any designs.

He, however, clarified that he was asked by the caretaker government to continue his work as national security adviser.