KP province leads Pakistan in government schools change, reveals BBC report

KP province leads Pakistan in government schools change, reveals BBC report

ISLAMABAD - To what extent government schools in Pakistan changed? BBC report interpolates that in four years, conditions of schools in Sindh has gone worse, while in KP it got better, and in Punjab the number of facilities upgraded.

After 2013, government of every province claimed to improve educational facilities, but BBC report is revealing a different situation. According to report, except KP, educational system does not improve in any other province. The situation, instead of getting improved, got poorer in Sindh.

The number of schools which used to have electricity in 2013-2014 has gone down to 18 per cent. Before four years, there were 27,000 schools which were encircled with walls from four sides, but now there are only 26,000 of them, a reduction one thousand. Sindh government became able to construct toilets only in less than 400 schools since 2013-2014. ------------------------------

In comparison to this, in Punjab the number of facilities increased, and in 1,200 schools the facility of water were provided, while in more than 6,000 schools, electricity services were added. On the other side, in 2,200 toilets facilities were added. Furthermore, 3,400 of them were secured with the construction of walls on four sides.

In the last four years, water was provided to 5,500 schools in KP. 7,500 schools got electricity and in more than 4,300 of them, toilets were constructed. And in more than 4,800 schools external wall was constructed. ------------------------------

*Balochistan stands nowhere*

Balochistan is not anywhere in the race. It is evident from the fact that in more than 8,937 schools, toilet facility does not exist. According to BBC, except schools in KP, nowhere the situation got better. The following video is based on BBC report which defines the prevailing situation in educational institutions of Pakistan.