Modi's foreign policy: India fast losing the regional ally Iran

Modi's foreign policy: India fast losing the regional ally Iran

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayotallah Khamenei’s direct reference to Indian state atrocities in occupied Kashmir  has left many wondering in India, the jibe could be due to a number of things; it could be due to New Delhi’s increasing ties with Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh under Narendra Modi's foreign policy.

Historically, Iran has enjoyed a friendly relation with India, but with Riyadh taking over the spotlight could be a matter of concern to Iran.

Considering the recent tussle between Tehran and Delhi over a gas field discovered byIndian companies there, and an apparent slowdown of signature projects such expansion of Chabahar Port, there are chances that Riyadh may become the new destination of trade in the Middle East.

Another reason for Khamenei’s comment of Kashmir may be due to PM Modi’s forthcoming visit to Israel, which has clearly not gone down well with Tehran. Narendra Modi is set to visit Israel for the first time and meet with Netanyahu on July 4 for a three-day meet.

The prime minister is set to step foot on Dutch land today, and it will be the final leg of his three-nation tour. During his US visit, the two global leaders had a productive meet in the White House. -