Hepatitis C: Can the fatal disease be totally eliminated?

Hepatitis C: Can the fatal disease be totally eliminated?

ISLAMABAD (APP): Latest research and medicine have made it possible to treat the potentially fatal hepatitis C, claimed a medical expert on Thursday.

Talking to Private news channel Dr Syed Hamid Pro of the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKU) stated this on `World Hepatitis Day'. He said "Every year we celebrate World Hepatitis Day globally including Pakistan on July 28 to spread awareness about this silent killer".

He said on the day, it is very important to screen the blood products properly for these viruses and observe proper sterilization measures during dental and surgical procedures.

Revolutionary changes are taking place in the treatment of hepatitis C; it can now be cured and even totally eliminated from the world," said Dr Hamid.

He added that the biggest successes have been the development of new and highly potent medications for treatment of hepatitis C.

He said that treatment and medicines are available in Pakistan at cheaper rates as compared to Europe and other countries.

Currently a number of treatment options are available for hepatitis B. "However, in our country most patients with hepatitis B are treated by general practitioners who are unaware of the right treatments, he suggested.

"It is important to create awareness and understanding of the treatment options for best results."

New blade should be used for shaving. The treatment by drips and injection should be discouraged.

He said that in Pakistan, Hepatitis A and E viruses, causing endemic type of hepatitis, are very common as the main causes of these viruses are polluted food and water.

Provision of clean drinking water, hygienic food and improved sanitation can reduce the spread of this type of hepatitis substantially.

He said Hepatitis B & C ratio is 8 to 10 pc and main reasons behind are unnecessary use of syringes, unsafe blood transfusion, usage of unsterile equipments in dental procedures, piercing and other beauty procedures such as pedicure etc.

Usage of used blades in shaving is also a one common reason in rural area.

"There is an immense need of spreading awareness regarding this disease prevention and management so that we can prevent this disease or manage this disease at early stage to prevent the loss," he added.

Professor told that Hepatitis C can be shifted to other persons through blood infusion, used syringes, tattoos on body, drugs, sexual interaction with many men or women, dental diseases and use of infected operates during surgery.

He said that hepatitis do not spread by touching the patients. We should encourage such patients convincing them that timely treatment is very necessary to survive.