PTI party manifesto unveiled for upcoming General Elections

PTI party manifesto unveiled for upcoming General Elections

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan unveiled his party's manifesto for the upcoming general election during a press conference on Sunday. The primary objective, as articulated by Gohar Khan, is to break away from a challenging past and propel Pakistan towards a splendid future.

In the core of PTI's vision is the slogan "green and clean Pakistan." Gohar Khan outlined key areas of focus, including the promotion of solar energy, initiatives for health and education, job creation, family planning, and empowerment of the youth. The party aims to allocate 3 percent of the GDP to the social sector and establish international relations based on equality.

A significant part of the manifesto involves constitutional amendments aimed at reforming the political system. Gohar Khan pledged to introduce changes such as the direct election of the prime minister by the people, reducing the National Assembly term to four years, and extending the Senate term to five years. Additionally, plans to boost the economy, revise the tax scheme, and present a comprehensive five-year agenda were highlighted.

Expressing concern over challenges faced during the election campaign, Gohar Khan lamented difficulties and discrimination encountered by his party and candidates. He cited examples such as the arrest of Mian Azhar and obstacles in introducing their electoral symbol, emphasizing the lack of a level playing field and violations of basic rights.

Gohar Khan asserted that PTI's popularity among the people exceeded 70 percent, and he emphasized that his manifesto was reflective of the party's commitment. Addressing issues of fairness, he stressed the importance of a singular rule of law in the country, expressing respect for the judiciary and the army while affirming adherence to constitutional limits.

In a final appeal to the public, Gohar Khan urged voters to support PTI and align with its vision for a glorious future for Pakistan.