NAB arrests Project Director on charges of corruption

NAB arrests Project Director on charges of corruption

PESHAWAR: (APP) NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today arrested accused Olas Khan Project Director (BPS 20), Sahibzada Alamgir Khan and Allah Baksh Regional Deputy Project Directors (BPS 19) of the Drip Irrigation System Project for their alleged involvement in misuse of authority and corrupt practices, causing more than Rs.170 million loss to the public exchequer.

The Federal Government in collaboration with the Provincial Government initiated a more than Rs. 2 Billion project titled Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement Through High Efficiency Irrigation system in Pakistan project (Drip Irrigation System) for the purpose of increasing agriculture production by using available irrigation water more efficiently during 2007 – 2012.

During the course of inquiry it came to surface, that 182 such schemes worth Rs.320 million were approved out of which 158 were initiated in 15 districts of KP Province. Most of them installed in District Bannu and Lakki Marwat. Out of these schemes only 5 were found functional and the rest were found non-functional and non-existent.

The accused persons in connivance with each other release payments for bogus schemes as well as incomplete schemes. They failed to ensure the 20% mandatory contribution of the farmers and release the amount to the ineligible farmers.

They dishonestly fraudulently misappropriated public funds and willfully failed to exercise their authority to prevent loss to public exchequer during implementation of the projects.

NAB KP is vigorously pursuing the case, more arrests are on card. The accused persons will be presented in the Accountability Court Peshawar for obtaining their physical remand.