SSP Rizwan Gondal was earlier sacked by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar too

SSP Rizwan Gondal was earlier sacked by Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar too

ISLAMABAD – The police officer who was transferred for not apologizing to Khawar Maneka on Monday was also suspended by former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan for allegedly making a mess and misbehaving with the management of a five-star hotel.

A citizen had informed the former security czar of Nawaz regime that Rizwan Gondal, who was an SSP then, had humiliated the management of the hotel on a trifling issue and arrested the hotel manager and kept him under arrest illegally for a long period.

The initial inquiry against Gondal found the allegations correct, prompting Interior Minister Nisar to initiate a further probe against the police officer; he was also ordered to report the Establishment Division immediately.

Moreover, Ch Nisar said at the occasion that the police official had damaged the credibility of Islamabad police.

The incident has been rekindled once again as it emerged recently that the same cop was transferred allegedly for stopping Khawar Maneka, the former husband of Bushra Maneka, at a police check post.

Maneka, a senior official of the Customs department, used abusive language when police officials tried to stop him at a picket on Thursday, as per the claims made by well-placed sources.

Afterwards, DPO Rizwan Gondal was asked to apologize to Maneka at his home which he refused, saying the police officials present on the occasion did not commit any crime.

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