OBOR : An initiative to make China unrivaled superpower

OBOR : An initiative to make China unrivaled superpower

ISLAMABAD, Aug 28 (APP): The One Belt, One Road (OBOR)

strategy, a brainchild of Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping

may lead China to the height of superpower within next two

decades by changing fate of not only Chinese nation but also

people of the region as a whole, experts believe.


The people of Pakistan also feel blessed in this regard

as China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a combination of roads

and power projects, would steer the country out of energy

crisis, thus leading to alleviation of poverty and ultimately

extremism and terrorism by brining the deprived people to

the mainstream.


The One Belt, One Road also known as OBOR, proposed by

President Xi in 2013, refers to building a Silk Road Economic

Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road aimed at building

a trade and infrastructure network, connecting Asia with

Europe and Africa along ancient trade routes.


More than 100 countries and international organizations

have participated in the Belt and Road Initiative. China has

signed agreements with more than 30 countries along the routes

to jointly build the Belt and Road, and more than 20 countries

have teamed up with China in industrial cooperation.


The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is also a closely

related project with OBOR and is considered as a link between

China's Maritime and Overland Silk Road and Gwadar Port would

form the crux of the CPEC project.


Realizing the importance of the initiative, the Pakistani

government had accelerated its efforts to pave way for the CPEC

by improving security through a countrywide action against

militancy and extremism, bringing political unity and wooing

the foreign investors to be part of the Corridor project.


Experts believed that during last three years, Pakistan

achieved remarkable progress in economy and the development

sectors besides improving the security situation of the

country to attract foreign investment.


Time and again, the Chinese government has expressed

satisfaction over the progress on CPEC - a giant leap toward

economic development of the region which would deliver level

playing ground for all to reap the dividends.


China also desires an end to terrorism in Pakistan as

it was main hurdls for the sustainable peace and stability

in the country. China was always keen for sustainable peace

and stability in Pakistan, experts added.


Owing to prudent policies of the present government,

the economy of Pakistan was now on the right track. China

has been enjoying good diplomatic and sound political and

economic relations with Pakistan for the last several decades

as both the countries had similar stance on regional and

international issues.


The two countries, had also enhanced economic cooperation

in several fields while the CPEC project had taken the level of

economic cooperation to new heights. There is a conducive ambience

and climate for investment in Pakistan, which, would help woo

foreign investment in diverse economic spheres.


The analysts also appreciated all the political parties

and Pakistan Army for having complete consensus for fight

against the menace of terrorism.


China is helping Pakistan to overcome energy shortage

under the CPEC projects including thermal, wind, solar and

hydel, which were being completed at fast pace.


The experts urged both the countries to work for enhancing

people-to-people contact and exchange of visits at every level

with a view to further fostering understanding about each other's

culture and civilizations.


The China's economy grew at an annual rate of 6.7 per cent

and political stability is indispensable for sustainable economic

growth and stability.


Moreover, the Chinese government had set tangible targets to

eradicate poverty from the country by 2020.