PM Imran Khan speech at UNGA, warns World of a devastating Nuclear war between two Arch rivals

PM Imran Khan speech at UNGA, warns World of a devastating Nuclear war between two Arch rivals

NEW YORK - Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the United Nations has a responsibility to stop India from gross human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and give Kashmiris right to self-determination.

Addressing the UN General Assembly session today, he said India must lift the curfew imposed in occupied Kashmir for the last 53 days and release all the political detainees, especially 30,000 youth who have been picked by the occupying forces.

The Prime Minister warned the world community of the serious consequences of a war between two nuclear armed countries.

He said when a nuclear armed country fights to the end, the consequences will be far beyond the borders.

The Prime Minister said if a conventional war starts between the two countries anything could happen. A country seven times smaller in size has only two choices; either to surrender or fight till death.

Imran Khan highlighted that Islamophobia is another major issue that is impacting the Muslims worldwide, especially in the Western countries, after 9/11.

He said terms like Islamic radicalism, Islamic terrorism are used by some leaders without realization, which are a contributing factor in spread of hatred against Muslims.

He said this thing is marginalizing Muslim communities in certain Muslim countries, and marginalization leads to radicalization. He said there is only one Islam.

Imran Khan said a certain section of the Western world deliberately provoked such thing but vast majority of ordinary citizens had no role in it.

Referring to the state of Madinah that was established by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his role model, the Prime Minister said the state was catered for the welfare of all segments of the society.

Imran Khan said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lives in our hearts. We Muslims believe that pain of heart is much more than physical pain.

The Prime Minister said another global problem is siphoning of money from developing world by the corrupt elite and reaching to advanced countries.

He said this causes more poverty, debt and destruction in developing countries.

He said money laundering is not treated the same as money of drugs or terror financing.

The Prime Minister urged the developed world to build wall against the economic refugees.

The Prime Minister urged the United Nations to take the lead in countering the challenge posed by climate change.

He regretted there is lack of seriousness and perhaps world leaders do not realize the urgency of the situation.

He warned if this keeps going and if nothing is done humans will face a huge catastrophe.