CII declares 'triple Talaq' in one go punishable act

CII declares 'triple Talaq' in one go punishable act

ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) unanimously declared that 'triple Talaq' (pronouncing divorce three times in a go) by a husband to his wife a punishable act.

Addressing a press conference here, CII Chairman Qibla Ayaz said the Council members had a consensus that the 'triple Talaq' had become a serious social issue. The practice was prevalent across the country and was frequently reported from the local mosques, he added.

Qibla Ayaz said internal family matters were reaching to the courts, and children and women were the most affected of the social menace, who were had to suffer from mental illness. Children could not get proper education, he added.

He said the Councul decided to devise a comprehensive 'Talaq form' in consultations with Ulema, which would be forwarded to the Federal Government for consideration.

The CII chairman said the religious scholars would be taken on board in order to prepare a common strategy and preparing a mechanism for a better family system and to highlight the same in Friday sermons to overcome the increasing divorce ratio. The Council would soon convene a conference of Ulema and religious scholars in that regard, he added.

The Council, he said, also discussed the issue of marriages of under aged children and decided to engage experts of social sciences and Ulema for further discussion in its next session. It urged the government to take appropriate measures and launch awareness campaign involving the Ulema to discourage the under aged marriages, he added.