Around 1.798 million foreign tourists arrive in Pakistan to relish natural beauty

Around 1.798 million foreign tourists arrive in Pakistan to relish natural beauty

ISLAMABAD: Around 1.798 million foreign tourists have from 2012 -15 arrived in Pakistan during four years and visited different historical sites and scenic locations to relish ideal climate and peace of mountains and lakes.

The number of foreign tourist arrivals (on tourist visa) during year 2012 was 0.664 ,2013 was 0.566, during 2014 the number of tourists was 0.965 in 2015 the number was1.103 foreign tourists and number of foreign tourists reached Pakistan, the data provided by an official of PTDC.

Pakistan is a peaceful country where tourism has a unique opportunity. The time is not far when the world will feel that Pakistan is truly a paradise. For the development of tourism, the private community as well as the local community needs to raise awareness about tourism, so that high quality facilities are available to the foreign and domestic tourists. Tourism interests can be created by highlighting regional development and culture. said Mukhtar Ali an official of Pakistan Tourism Development(PTDC) here.

The most popular destinations for tourists remained Gilgit-Balitstan (GB) (Deosai Rama, Hunza, Atabad Lake), Chitral ,Valley, Swat Valley, Kaghan Valley, Murree and Galliat , he added.

This information has been determined based on business volume in Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) motels in the region and number of visitors at Tourist Information Centers in these areas.

An official also highlighted the measures taken to promote tourism in the country and said tourism is a subject devolved to provinces (along with archeology and heritage).