Mystery behind news report of Israeli aircraft landing in Islamabad

Mystery behind news report of Israeli aircraft landing in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD – The arrival of a mysterious plane that reportedly took off from Israel and landed in Pakistan – with both having no diplomatic ties – has set the tongues wagging, however, the facts attributed with the said flight reveal an altogether different story.

According to the investigations by Daily Pakistan, the said plane is not Israeli and is owned by a private entity, contrary to what’s being reported on the mainstream media.

Moreover, the plane manufactured by Canadian Bombardier Inc arrived in Israel from the United States a few days ago and then it headed towards Islamabad – probably to carry a member of US diplomatic staff or military officer to Pakistan.

Although the flight stirred hullabaloo in the country, it is actually of not much importance due to the fact that the American spy agency CIA used to transport prisoners from Pakistan to Guantanamo Bay using shady routes under their project ‘CIA’s ghost planes’.

One such flight also transported a former Guantánamo Bay detainee, Binyam Mohamed, who was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 and was relocated to American ‘Black Site’ through CIA’s ghost planes. A Sussex-based firm Jeppesen UK was also alleged to have been assisting CIA in its operations.

The plane which is said to have landed in Islamabad a few days ago is registered in self-governing British Crown dependency, Isle of Man through shell companies with no clear-cut ownership credentials.

Interestingly flight radar – a portal which shows real-time commercial aircraft flight information on a map – has no record of the flight landing in Islamabad, though British paper BBC claims that there is evidence of the flight on the same website.